4 Engagement Photo Tips for Natural Engagement Photos

April 19, 2022

Engagement photo tips to get that natural, effortless look

Engagement Photo Tips

Taking engagement photos can be nerve-wracking! Most people have never taken professional photos with their partners before the engagement. You don’t want things to look too posed or staged but also want your love to be captured. But how do you do it?

I created a list of my top 4 engagement photo tips for natural, carefree engagement photos.

Tip #1: Choosing an Engagement Photo Outfit

What do I wear for my engagement photos? This is one of the most asked questions I get from my couples when planning their session. When in doubt always go neutral! This ensures that nothing is clashing and will flow seamlessly with any location. Blacks, whites, creams, denim, and tans always look great together. If you are wanting to do something with a pattern, make sure your partner is wearing something simple so that they compliment you.

Make sure you are comfortable in the outfits you choose! If you are uncomfortable in your clothes it will show in your photos. Choose something that makes you feel confident which in turn will make for more carefree photos!

Tip #2: Connecting with your Partner

Capturing your true love and connection with your partner is so important. I want to capture those snuggly and candid moments between the two of you. Spending time together as a couple before the engagement photoshoot can help those pre photoshoot jitters. You can go on a date or stop for a drink before your shoot to help you bond!

Bonus tip: Take a shot before the engagement session to loosen yourself up if you’re feeling a little nervous!

Tip #3: Location

Choose a location that has meaning to you! This could be the place you went on your first date, the hike your fiance proposed on, etc. If you don’t know where you want to shoot your engagement photos, don’t worry! I work with my couples to help choose the perfect location true to you (and with beautiful backdrops of course!).

Tip #4: Music!

One of my favorite things to do when shooting engagement sessions is to bring a speaker and play music. I play my photoshoot playlist that has a mix of upbeat and folk and just really sets the mood for any scenario. So many of my couples have asked me for it at the end of a shoot and it’s one of the best little compliments. You can also bring along your playlist with some of your favorite songs.

This helps with movement and keeping things flowy, capturing those effortless carefree engagement photos you’ve always dreamed of!

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