Great Sand Dunes Engagement Session

July 11, 2018

Oh, Colorado. Since moving here you’ve definitely not disappointed. I knew it’d miss that coastline but the mountain views that go on for miles and finding gems like the great sand dunes makes up for it. It was pretty incredible driving up to the sand dunes because you see nothing for miles and miles then bam– mountains and at the base of those mountains are the sand dunes. It was colder and way, way more windy than I anticipated but its was so fun running around with David + Nami. (also– just pt. 1 of their shoot)

See ya in cali soon, loves!


holy shit this is so amazing. I have always loved sand dunes photos and you killed this session!

OMG this is so freaking beautiful! What a crazy cool session!

Wow! I had no idea this kind of beauty existed in Colorado! The tones in these photos are stunning, too.

Wow I am seriously loving everything about these – the dunes, the colors, the light, the gorgeous couple?! Great job!

Oh my god this is so perfect! The harsh light and that totally amazing dress and the dunes made for the most gorgeous session. You captured this couple at the Colorado sand dunes so beautifully.

HOLY HECK. This is so cool! I’m jealous that you moved to Colorado but man, you are killing it with these sand dunes.

OMG stop these are so perfect! The tones you use compliment the colors of the landscape so perfectly! Such a beautiful engagement session at the Great Sand Dunes!

oh my gosh this is just so dreamy and magical. You captured the magic of these two and the Great Sand Dunes so perfectly. the tones & emotion & movement & just everything about these is incredible. Their style is so fun & you captured them so beautifully. love the intimate close up portraits and the wide shots where it feels like these two have the entire sand dunes & world to themselves. kudos – you killed this! I know they’re going to cherish these forever!

These sand dunes are just the desert dream!!! GOALS. So good, girl!!

We’re aching to get to this area of Colorado – the Rockies are great, but these Sand Dunes really are phenomenal! What a beautiful session!

Wowza! The Great Sand Dunes makes for an incredible engagement session! I absolutely love this and the way you captured their connection! Stunning Colorado engagement!