creating a space for you to simply be you

I want to be the photographer you hire because you value photography. Because you want emotion filled, genuine photos to look back on. These are more than just photos; they are heirlooms — photos made into coffee table books, photos that you savor and come back to year after year . These are photos that your kids and parents love to look back on. In takes connection and vulnerability from you to make this happen. When you trust me there is so much magic to be made.

I’ve been the girl who’s been the only witness at an elopement. I’ve been on the dance floor with my couples, been invited in homes of moms who are expecting their first baby and so lucky to be apart of yearly family photos. This is a relationship I value just as much as you and having that trust and connection between us is everything.

Come as you are— I want to see the playful, the quiet, the romance. Embrace every single moment and tune out the rest. There is beauty in your story and I am forever grateful that people continue to choose me to document these special times in their life.

The Process




Fill out the contact form

Making it official

Schedule a phone call

This is the fun part! I send over a contract, once that is signed and I've received a 30% deposit you are officially in my calendar. I'm an open book, feel free to ask me for any vendor recommendations and check out my Pinterest for style inspiration for your shoot.

If you've already browsed my website and galleries then head to the contact page! This is where you get to fill me in on all the details about your day & more about the two of you.

Not everyone likes to jump on call, I get it. However, its super important to me to make sure you and I vibe well together. It makes things more personal. We'll chat about the details of your day and how you want your photos to feel.


Frequently asked questions



when will we receive our images? how many will we get?

How will we RECEIVE our photos?

Many factors play into this number and I can assure you that I always give the best of the best. I'm a mom, I totally get wanting ALL the photos. In the end you typically end up somewhere between 600-900+ photos depending on hours, family and bridal party size etc.

Couple and engagement shoots can expect 100+

Families can expect 75+

You will receive an online gallery from me with all hand edited, hi resolution images. From this link you can download, share and print (from a quality lab!) your photos. I highly suggest printing through me so you know your photos are from a professional lab. The quality is incredible and the colors aren't always the same when printed elsewhere.



what is your turnaround time?

Will I get sneak peeks?

Definitely! Usually within 72 hours and roughly 25+ images. Enough to share with all your friends and family.

Weddings are roughly 5-8 weeks and 6-10 during peak season!

Families and Couple shoots are 1-2 weeks.



What if were awkward?

Do you travel?

I do! Weddings have taken me all across the globe. Writing that out still surprises the heck out of me. What a blessing this job has been to me and my family. TSA precheck is a lifesaver and I'm ready to go where you take me. I currently live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have family in the Panhandle of Florida and frequent the West Coast often.

Trust me when I say that everyone says this to me and I feel this way also when you get a camera in my face. BUT! This is also my job and I will give you direction and set the tone with music to help ease your nerves. Everyone always walks away from a shoot having so much fun, I promise ;) Just remember why you booked me in the first place and lean into the feeling of that moment.




more than just a job. Forever crushing hard on my couples.



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