I'm Karra
& I can't wait to actually meet you!

Photography is huge passion of mine but having a genuine connection with my couples and walking away from your wedding as more of a friend that a vendor is even more important to me. I grew up with parents who documented everything + when my husband surprised me with a canon rebel to photograph our babies growing up that was it for me. I look back on all the out of focus, messy, real emotion filled photos and thats why i do photography. Its a feeling, a moment in time preserved, an heirloom. I want to capture the real moments- the ecstatic, joyful, quiet and true to you moments. My style emphasizes love and storytelling; to document the moments that often go unnoticed. I value your story, your relationship and know that there are no two the same. These are memories that are not only for you, but for your parents, grandparents and future children- its a privilege to document these times in your life & I cannot wait to be apart of your story.

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portland, or


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portland, or.


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new orleans, la.



here's a little something about me

Growing up all I ever wanted to be was a mom. I just assumed the rest would figure itself out. I really lucked out with my husband being the actual best person in my life and getting to do life side by side. Through the messy buns and same clothes day after day when our girls were babies, to all the fun stuff we can now do as adults. We've moved 4x in the last nine years together and I'm excited for our 10 year anniversary coming up. We believe in dance parties with light up balloons, that vanilla is the best flavor of ice cream and drive-in movies never went out of style. We've renovated an airstream and live in a 126 yr old farm house. I'm intentional about relationships which is why I value my couples so much. At the end of the day we value Jesus, good conversation, spreading kindness and encouraging dreams.


my girls, my heart

I will undoubtably be scrolling through my camera roll as soon as I step onto an airplane when I leave for a job. It's a huge reason why I only take on so many out of state weddings. If you're so lucky to meet these two they are hilarious and the sweetest girls. I sit back and watch them and still can't believe I made those girls. I photograph stories and know how it feel to be the mom, the sister, the parent. Memories are everything.


its a whole feeling

I was born & raised along the Panhandle in Florida where every summer was spent at the beach. We eventually moved to Oregon where I fell in love with the Oregon coast line. Nothing beats packing up a dinner and watching the sun go down on the coast, windswept salty hair and the smell of the ocean. I get excited anytime I see water when were exploring new places, just ask my husband.


I'm a 2 (no shock if you know me)

"Twos are a feeling-based type with a focus on relationship. They excel at making connections and empathizing with the needs and feelings of other people. They are usually good at supporting others and helping bring out their potential."

So I basically cry at every wedding & always out to find a deeper connection with people. I'm also a Taurus which makes me to the very stubborn and I won't deny that.


because I know you're dying for more

We currently have 3 dogs ( 2 boxers and a chocolate lab) and a cat (but have also had a bunny, 4 chickens and 3 fish..) and yes, I sweep and vacuum on the daily.

Vanilla ice cream is the best flavor.

Biiiig Taylow Swift fan (I might lose some of you here and that's okay.) I also really enjoy all types of music.

I love exercising and junk food equally. Late night tator tots are such a vice around here.

I like pineapple on my pizza ( add jalapeños and thats even better)