Rowena Crest + Painted Hills Engagements | Hannah + Mitchell

July 20, 2018

We’re going to pretend like this post isn’t way past due and that these were just taken the other day.. mmkay? because I sat down and wrote a must blog list last night and well their wedding is on that list and then I was like well shoot– i HAVE to include their engagements. So here we are.. 

Hannah + Mitchell.. complete gems are reason 2344 why I love my job. I’ll gush more about them on their wedding post but for now here’s some sweet photos from their engagement that started out at Rowena Crest in the Columbia River Gorge + ended at the Painted Hills near Bend. + well if you live in Oregon you know that drive is a tad long– but good thing I adore them and they brought donuts 😉 


um this location is everything!!!! and you did an amazing job on this engagement session! so stunning!

Wow, packing in both Rowena Crest and The Painted Hills into one session is quite the feat. Lovely colors and great directing. Well done!

This engagement shoot is beautiful! I love how her outfits compliment the colors of the landscape!

Oh wow what an epic engagement shoot! I love the Painted Hills and Rowena Crest and you photographed them both so beautifully! Amazing work!

Wow, these are so cute! And what a drive! haha Definitely worth the travel time I’m sure. It looks like you had a blast. <3

So cool!! I love the location and…. DONUTS!

Oh my goodness! This is so freaking beautiful! The painted hills are so lovely!