Claire la Faye’s Let Love Rule Lookbook | Portland, Oregon

January 31, 2018

Shooting for Claire la Faye‘s new bridal like has got to be one of my favorite things I’ve been apart of this year so far. I love, LOVE supporting local creatives and this babe is handmakin’ her dresses right here in Portland, OR and can be seen all across the US (+overseas!) My fav local bridal shop; The English Dpt. carries her line also. 

I love how different and edgy these dresses and two pieces were and how a lot of them could even be worn for reception outfits. Manda from Sue Blue Events helped style the day + if I could have taken home the two piece jumpsuit I definitely would’ve. A lot of her pieces were versatile enough to hike and adventure around in, too! So all my bride babes still searching for a dress definitely check out the new Let Love Rule line. 


Karra. WTF. This is insane. Teach me your ways.

Okay so I was kind of BLOWN AWAY. I’m obsessed with every single photograph. No joke. I loved the diversity in their outfits, their aloofness, and their interaction with each other and the camera. SO so good girl.

Holy cow THESE ARE SO GOOD! I love the bridal looks and the editorial vibes you created! The wedding dresses are SO PRETTY too. Obsessed with this whole thing!!

I love the simplicity and neutral tones throughout the entire shoot. Beautiful work!

Woah this is so beautiful! Great work! <3

beautiful tones!!!!! and dresses <3

I love these! It’s aleays fun to shoot dresses that are edgy and different. Looks like a fun shoot!

OMG! These are amazing. What awesome high fashion photos. So many gorgeous bridal ensembles.

Wow, this is beyond stunning. I want to be a bride again and have images like this taken of me! <3

These portraits are all flawless – so clean and perfect!

Holy moly, this is awesome! Seriously, the varying styles in emotion mix perfectly with the consistency in shooting. Just really fantastic work!

These are so incredibly stunning!! Claire La Faye’s line has truly been brought to life here!! I would really love to get to shoot for my bridal gown designers one day!

Wow, you got so many creative photos in such a simple locations. Congrats!